The Observers  watch on-line
2011, 62 minutes, 16mm on HD                                                                                             

The Observers portrays one of the world's last staffed weather observatories in two different seasons. Extreme and unpredictable, the land and sky of Mount Washington, New Hampshire form a varying frame for a climatologist as she goes about the solitary and steadfast work of measuring and recording the weather.

The Observers is based on the actual work of the crew of the Mount Washington Weather Observatory - one of the oldest weather stations in the world where staff members have taken hourly readings of the wind speed and temperature since 1932. In 1938, a 236 mph wind hit the summit: a world record for wind speed recorded by a human being. 

"Ms. Goss’s film suggests a lament for a time...when perhaps it was possible to record the weather in this place and feel as if you were the last human on earth." New York Times